My Carfree Story

My Story

A little more than six months ago I sold my car! I live and work in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, where cars are considered a non-negotiable necessity by almost everyone I know. For us our cars are synonymous with independence, flexibility and security. On the down side they lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, traffic jams, and a lot of cursing. So I decided to get a bicycle instead.

With the start of the city-wide bus routes last year, public transport in Cape Town is finally becoming a reality for everyone. Cycle lanes in the city are in development and bicycles are allowed on the bus. These changes enabled me to sell my five year old Tata Indica for a handful of cash, which I used to pay off some debt that I had, and I was left with enough to buy a brand new folding bicycle.

Gearing Up

To make my car free life as convenient as possible I bought a few essentials.

Running Costs

A simple comparison of my monthly spend before and after the switch.


With the help of some basic maths the money spent over a longer period starts getting really interesting.


I can tell you this makes me pretty happy with my new lifestyle. My daily experience over these carfree months have been very positive, and I feel so far that the slight inconveniences can't compete with the wind in my (sometimes slightly damp) hair.

An unexpected bonus was the surprisingly friendly reactions of other city dwellers, especially those who are not trapped in the confines of a private cocoon of a car themselves. I feel welcome outdoors!

Friends of carfree.

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